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Makeup For Beginners

Makeup For Beginners  is not so difficult only a few steps you are able to try it yourself with a few basic cosmetic products such as foundatio , powder , blush and lipstick , do not like make-up to the advanced level of  Makeup For Beginners  enough with the results of light and natural makeup if you have already started feel familiar you are able to begin to ekplore further.

Will be difficult for some women to wear cosmetics , especially for some women who did not previously been put on makeup or rarely wear make -up or even not at all familiar with makeup , but what about when you are confronted by a specific event that is required for bermake up or because of the demands of the job , if you as a beginner it’s good to start learning now how to  Makeup For Beginners  , because it would be very useful , because it is the nature of women to always look beautiful and fascinating .

Here is Stage Makeup For Beginners

Clean your face beforehand using a special cleaner that can be in many kinds of cosmetics stores you can try some of the products such as Sariayu , latulip or carring followed by tonner or toners usually wear liquid packaging with a spray bottle .

Progressed to the stage of foundation , apply foundation with a smooth taste to wear finger tapping manner until evenly then puree with a special sponge wearing foundation , as a beginner if you doubt the right foundation color options you can try to piece hand if warnany visible contrast or different with the color of your skin you can try to use other colors .

After application of powder foundation evenly aplikasika further suggested as a beginner you can use in addition to compact powder compact powder granulated solid stick and usually more durable and do not forget to flatten evenly with the way pat him gently with a sponge wearing .

Continue to wear blush on the way the application on the cheeks in circular smooth or rotation on the cheek bone .

For others such as eyelashes, eyeshadow , eyeliner and mascara can be made as additional makeup or support whereas if you as a beginner to the step 4 is enough ,  Makeup For Beginners  is more simple and less stages , so to 4 steps in The above will suffice . rias make up


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Powder For Dark Skin

 Powder for Dark Skin   - some women feel less confident with their dark skin color more like the color white , in fact it is not necessarily happen all the proof many women are even more beautiful with her ​​dark skin , and the question is why ? … because the most important is the glowing face and appear naturally beautiful because beauty is not all that its name should be with a white woman could be because he radiated an inner beauty , inner beauty that makes all eyes entranced , for now we will discuss how to beautiful make-up of the side .

do you know the right cosmetic makeup determines your results , and you also will feel confident with the right cosmetics , if you are dark skin may feel difficulty in determining the proper cosmetics include cosmetic one Dark Skin Foundation For you , in fact it will not be be a problem especially if you are accompanied by spg that can be invited to consult but sometimes it can be a problem if your skin konplek have another issue as sensitive , oily , or dry etc if it is like that required further analysis for facial skin you are .

The following are some examples of Foundation for Dark Skin as an example that maybe you can make as a reference

Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation NC35 For Dark Skin

majority of Indonesian women especially lovers know the name cosmetics mac cosmetics , who is not familiar with this one cosmetic product is famous for its powder and natural light but still durable even if worn all day .

mac powder comprises a lot of choices of colors ranging from the light medium , dark , white , tan , and dark brown , but for darker skin I suggest to wear nc35 despite the fact that there is still a type of powder that is darker than nc35 but for the size of the Indonesian I think 35 is enough nc categorized as a Foundation for Dark Skin suggestion of a make-up artist

rias make up


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Cosmetics For Pregnant Women

Cosmetics For Pregnant Women  should be safe for mother and baby in the womb , pregnant women will feel sebagain was was when cosmetic stretcher could affect the baby’s development , but what if you are a pregnant woman who is in demand to always look beautiful not only for husband beloved but also to the profession .

It is incumbent for a mother to keep the baby in any way , including using safe cosmetics , any kind of cosmetics .

Here is a Review About Cosmetic Safe For Pregnant Women

Mac cosmetics Cosmetics For Pregnant Women  , any woman knows cosmetic average on this one , well celebrities cosmetics , cosmetics not only safe for everyday use but also safe for pregnant women , you can try using the studio fix powder in general if cosmetics there are side effects such as skin becomes hot , itchy rash or irritation even then categorized as cosmetics cosmetics for your less secure and pregnant women should be careful

As with the other mac cosmetic powder and when you are wearing face will feel light , does not feel dry and cracked and broke the results are long-lasting and natural with no side effects because it does not contain mercury that can be used by the composition of cosmetic ingredients that cause irritation .

Avoid Fake Mac Cosmetics Cosmetics For Pregnant Mothers

Another story with mac cosmetics fake , cosmetics is very much different taste to the original mac cosmetics , mac cosmetics if the original pregnant women can feel the sensation of light and natural it can not be obtained on a fake mac cosmetics , Harganyapun very much different if pregnant women buy original mac powder with a range of 500,000 from the fake mac powder can be only at a price of 50,000 .

But the most important thing is to consider the security problem for pregnant women , for that reason we can say mac cosmetics are safe cosmetics for pregnant women .

kuas make up bagus dan berkwalitas



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Quick Makeup Tips in 5 minutes

Quick Makeup Tips in 5 minutes  we can try at home to women who only have limited time, every day Indonesian woman may only have a limited time and in sibukan by various activities, and if you do not have much time to make up your face Tips to Make Up Fast can be useful to you

1. Apply foundation, if you pimply face a good idea to wear liquid foundation but if you do not face acne problem and you can not wear a solid foundation or mineral foundation

2. Apply concealer to your eyes, dark or baggy eyes that you can wear concealer, Part of our eyes can be dark or even concealer marsupial very useful for this issue

3. Wear eyeshadow base to enhance the results before eyeshadow application, eyeshadow base is useful to make more eyeshadow stick and durable.

4. Apply a blue color with little gliter to add more vivid impression of the eyes, can also wear liquid eyeshadow that generally contain glitter.

5. Could add variety to add shimmering pink on the bottom halis by wearing this color will be more visible gradations of color that appears

6. Adding shimmering gold on the corners of the eyes to give a bright impression on the eye

7. Wear eyeliner on your eye line to reinforce part of your eye line

8., And the latter wearing mascara for eyelashes add length or just thicken lashes

Quick Makeup Tips in 5 minute is very easy to apply because I include instructions make-up is over the image above

kuas make up bagus dan berkwalitas

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Make Up The Mandatory Owned

Make Up The Mandatory Owned by a woman basically depends on the needs if you only need make- up to refresh the face then you simply provide a powder, foundation , lipstick and blush on the extra eyeshadow , but if you need more leads on the collection you need any will be more and more , because there are many types of cosmetics that can make you able to draw attention to spend up to just want to get his prey .

MAC Cosmetics Make Up The Mandatory Held

For now still be excellent mac cosmetics among consumers and collectors cosmetics , products that are superior to the results of a natural makeup , lightweight and durable to be one of the reasons why many mac cosmetics favored by many women , for a woman is not just a cosmetic but guarantee safety and maximum results is one reason why choosing a particular product , mac cosmetics can say the product is expensive but it is not an obstacle to be a favorite product , this problem and the results obtained from the sense of the cosmetics , the main reason to the satisfaction of cosmetic this therefore most women say MAC Cosmetics Make Up the Mandatory Held .

What are the must-have Make Up From MAC Cosmetics

Back again depending on the needs and of course the budget you have if you prefer the make up and I think looks do not matter if you spend up to hundreds or even tens of millions just to make up for satisfaction was very expensive , but if you only need the basic needs of my sense of foundation, powder , blush and eyeshadow extra bit is enough , let alone we can say that the mac cosmetics was very expensive so if your budget is limited you can buy cosmetics only core course as I mentioned above , and the rest you can buy local cosmetics, kursus tata rias


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Natural Make Up Tips

Natural Make Up Tips – make up the most preferred by many women is the natural makeup , according to well-known make-up artist reveals Gusnaldi to get the natural makeup in need of a face -maintained and healthy because of the well-groomed and healthy face will not be needed many corrections only with the application of simple and minimalist maximum result will look beautiful but natural .

Here’s a Natural Make Up Tips of A Famous Makeup Artist

Perfect Make Up Base

To improve the results of existing foundation perfectly good facial moisturizer before apply evenly , facial moisturizer will help improve the function and the result of the foundation while also facial moisturizer will help your skin to avoid dryness in resulting from the use of cosmetics .


The function of the powder can say is one of the main roles makeup make up the thickness can be adjusted based on your needs , use the special powder sponge and finish with a brush that is great with a soft texture to obtain more refined results because the brush will be able to reach the pore porri more subtle .


Natural Make Up Tips to the lips there is a special technique , if your lips dry and cracked shatter before your lipstick application you can use a moisturizing lipstick or lipbalm before lipstick application , while for small lips you can frame the lips by way shape using lipslinner .

blush on

To use blush in need prudent because if we are wrong to apply your face will look like a clown odd even one Tips for Natural Make Up Tips on a blouse can be a way to combine the dark color with a blush blush bright color , using color blush dark will produce shadding on the cheek so that the cheeks will look more gaunt


Mascara is one of the most important part of eye makeup in order to look more beautiful can thicken eyelashes , eyelash to produce a smooth and long hair choose a mascara that has a smooth base to apply from the start to the end of the lashes , apply quickly because the texture of the mascara will quickly dry out less quickly if the application would result clot .


Eyeliner is one tool for correcting eye because the line through the eye eyeliner can be formed with more perfect , if we want a clear line be useful to start a line from the eye to the outside line in order to avoid thinning the line or it could be by using a gel eyeliner to get the eye line more firmly .

Tips through the natural makeup can make your face more beautiful with makeup makeup minimalist with maximum results will give satisfaction .

It takes a quality makeup brush to get the perfect makeup kursus tata rias

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Course Make Up Artist In Pontianak

Course Make Up Artist In Pontianak may still not be as rare to find in big cities so a lot of the course from the start of the cheapest to most expensive they are, in general, people who have substantial capital many who choose the city or town city other big as a destination for learning including courses to learn or make up artist .


Course Make Up Artist Courses In Pontianak Can Make Up In Private

KursusMakeUpArtist.Com is one example of course is that there is Make Up Artist In Pontianak which gives knowledge of makeup and makeup in private or semi- private is not only that KursusMakeUpArtist.Com can provide courses in group or we are familiar with the class beauty , the course this system is designed with learning by doing and sharing in addition to direct my practice prefers a personal approach to better understand the material in depth . Below is one example of a make -up course which was held in group or we are familiar with the beauty class kursus tata rias

Adjust to your needs whether you want a course in group to have more friends or do you want semi- private or private , if you want a more focused privete is better , in addition to the time we can also adjust itself easily .

To find out more please visit the course page kursus tata rias


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Course Make Up

Make Up Artist Course And How To Get Started

To begin the  course makeup  decided it is not easy , especially for the friends who are generally unfamiliar with the world of beauty and beauty schools , and how we can begin to decide on the course make up and find the right place and suitable for you . Expensive is not a guarantee to get a pretty good quality material . Or even a friend of a friend might find the course make-up artist who turned out cheap but not cheap quality .

Therefore, there are a few things to do before you make a decision where you will learn or make up courses .

Some things to note before we decided to make up the course :

1 . Intention

It was first thing we have to consider as to the true intent and then whatever trials will definitely snag in sails .

2 . Determine Priority

There are many branches of science makeup and hair we can learn to determine the highest priority we will learn will help you to stay focused and that will save you time and money , determine your choice

- Bridal make up courses

- Make up the course for personal or simply to make up yourself

- Basic makeup courses

- Make up an advanced course

- Professional makeup courses

- Creative makeup courses

- Or maybe courses make up a character or face painting

By specifying this option interests and our goals will be more focused and at the same time you will save costs .

3 . Determine Budget Or Budget That We Have

By determining the budgets or budget we have before we decide to make up a course then we can determine and choose the institutions that make up the course in accordance with the budget , because there will be a lot of institutions or schools or course make up the curriculum with a variety of materials and price variations .

4 . Live With It truly

If you want maximum results follow any course materials make up there with the really really do not get the time , effort , and money you spend becoming useless due to attend courses makeup is usually in need of a very large cost .

With regard to a minimum of 4 points on top of your already better step by step , and if you want to learn I can guide you further through the course make up kursus make up martha tilaar



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MakeUp Course

MakeUp courses  - The course turned out to be one of the MakeUp courses  are quite popular with the fair sex , because of the understanding and the understanding of how they dress up they will be able to always look beautiful , in a makeup course in how learned how to use equipment such as how to use makeup brushes makeup because it will be a lot of brush that we met with a variety of functions . To find out a variety of functions brush before you begin the course makeup me give some examples of drawings


MakeUp Course And Various Kinds of Brush :

1 . MakeUp Powder Brush

This powder makeup brush for application serves talc powder / powder form larger bias compared with the other brush brush .

2 . MakeUp Brush Blusher

Makeup brushes is smaller in size than the powder brush for application functions as a blush .

3 . Brushes MakeUp Foundie

The MakeUp brushes flat shape and have a size smaller than the blusher brush and powder brush .

4 . Brushes MakeUp Cream

Makeup brush with the smallest size among other brush is a brush that works for the application of eye shadow and could be useful also for Blanding or blending eye shadow , the flat-shaped brush with a wide variety and size .

5 . MakeUp Brush Fan

As the name implies Fan Brush also shaped like a fan and this shape is designed specifically to clean the rest of the rest is scattered brushes

Each makeup brushes designed specifically according usability and functionality By knowing the various kinds of makeup brushes and their functions will simplify the learning process and facilitate the makeup application process

Kuas Make Up


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Kosmetik Terbaik

Kosmetik Terbaik  sudah pasti bisa memberikan kepuasan pada konsumen yang memakainya setiap  orang selalu menginginkan yang terbaik untuk dirinya dan wanita juga tentunya menginginkan kosmetik yang terbaik juga untuknya dengan kosmetik yang terbaik akan mendukung penampilannyan lebih sempurna, hasil sempurna akan memberikan penampilan yang terbaik, wajah yang cantik, penampilan yang menarik dan perhatian pun akan tertuju semua padanya.

Banyak wanita yang bertanya pada diri sendiri atau bahkan pada orang lain mengenai kosmetik yang aman, yang mampu memberikan hasil yang maksimal dan mampu merubah wajahnya lebih cantik lagi dan hal tersebut yang mendorong wanita untuk mencari kosmetik terbaik .

Merk Kosmetik Terbaik

Ada banyak banyak sekali merk kosmetik yang tersebar di pasaran dari yang termurah sampai yang termahal, tapi tahukah anda mana kosmetik yang terbaik untuk anda pakai?… berikut adalah tips memilih merk kosmetik terbaik untuk anda supaya mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan.

Kenali apa saja yang anda butuhkan

Denga mengetahui apa saja yang anda butuhkan akan membantu memilih merk kosmetik terbaik karena tidak dapat di pungkiri setiap merk memiliki dominan terhadap jenis kosmetik tertentu dan setiap merk memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangannya pelajari setiap kekurangan dan kelebihannya.

Cari referensi tentang merk kosmetik incaran

Mungkin setiap teman memiliki merk kosmetik yang berbeda beda tanyakanlah kepada mereka untuk menemukan berbagai referensi tentang produk atau merk yang mereka pakai, untuk menemukan referensi anda bisa mencarinya melalui media lain seperti majalah, tv atau internet atau bahkan anda bisa mengkonsultasikannya kepada SPG, atau BA atau bahkan MakeUp Artist.

Coba produk kosmetik dasar untuk mengetahui tingkat kecocokan

Setiap merk kosmetik memiliki berbagai macam produk seperti produk untuk alas bedak, bedak, blush on eyeshadow dll saya menyarankan salah satu produk dasar seperti foundation untuk mengetahui tingkat kecocokan jika foundation merk tertentu cocok untuk anda mungkin anda bisa mencobanya produk yang lain.

Untuk menemukan  Kosmetik Terbaik  memang memerlukan pengalaman mencobanya anda tidak akan tahu merk tersebuk baik untuk anda ataukah tidak, karena sitiap kulit wajah memiliki tingkat sensitifitas yang berbeda beda ada baiknya sebelum mencoba mencari referensi dari berbagai sumber untuk mengetahui baik dan buruknya produk kosmetik tersebut.

Kuas make up terbaik

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